Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gallery tour with Jin Meyerson

On Friday Jin Meyerson was kind enough to take a mix of SCAD HK students on a small gallery tour. We visited White Cube, Gallerie Perrotin and Cat Street Gallery.

At White Cube there was an exhibit of Damien Hirst collages. One type was made up entirely of insect collections and the other was made up of razor blades and scalpels. A sort of play with beauty and death.
At Galleries Perrotin we saw two shows. One is a painter, the other a sculptor.
Professor Johnson speaking with students.
Ronald Ventura's show "Voids and Cages" was on display. The images are full of crafted details of death and pop culture (look for the Angry Birds).
Professor Johnson speaking with students.
Wim Delvoye also had a show of detailed sculptures on display, including this Gothic semi trailer.
At Cat Street Gallery there is a show of heavily textured landscapes by Melanie Comber.

Jin finishing up the evening tour.


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