Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hudson River Fellowship 2011

I was accepted to this year's Hudson River Fellowship centered in Hunter, NY in the Catskills. The fellowship runs from the 5th of July until the 31st and is organized by Jacob Collins and other founders of the Grand Central Academy.  I participated once before in 2009, between my two years at the New York Academy of Art, and found it to be a fantastic complement to the experiences I had there.  I anticipate a similarly fantastic group of talented, dedicated, and hardworking artists that I had the fortune of working among in 2009.

This time around I have clearer idea of how I will spend my time and I hope to be able to share my experiences there with those of you that follow or subsequently happen upon this blog.

Here are a couple drawings I did back in 2009. They are currently on view at Medialia Gallery in NYC.