Saturday, November 19, 2011

Armadillo and Porcupines

This is a small part of a larger image I have in development (see the previous shot of a porcupine).

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hudson River Fellowship 2011 Part 6

The last post.

Just a couple of final pictures. These were some multi-session forest interiors completed during the third and fourth weeks of the Hudson River Fellowship. One at Platte Clove and the other at Elka Park.

Cliff at Platte Clove

Elka Park Interior

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hudson River Fellowship 2011 Part 5


Most every evening, when there were clouds on the horizon, a group of us would get together on an empty lot at the top of a hill. We sarcastically refer to it as Mosquito Plateau.  After a good shower of bug repellent we set up to paint the sunset. Some would just do one sunset and others would paint several. I attempted to put myself into the latter category.

There are a couple of tricks to painting sunsets en plein air. The first is to premix your colors. I used mostly a set of very chromatic colors. Indian Yellow, Alizarin Crimson or Perelyne Red, Prussian Blue, and occasionally a green. Occasionally, I found it helpful to mix some Indian Yellow into my Cadmium Orange ahead of time too, it seems to intensify the color without changing it too much. The second trick is to not premix them too lightly. Part of painting the sunset is maintaining the chromatic intensity of the light reflecting back at you.  Which means the third trick is to paint at a somewhat lower key than you think is necessary. Because you are looking directly at the sun while you're painting, your eyes may think that you are painting more darkly and intensely than you really are. For me, the fourth is to work very small. I divided my paper up into 3-4 sections using tape well ahead of time and confine myself to working at that very small scale. I also liked to work on an untoned white surface, so that I could utilize some of the glazing possibilities that I have with a white surface. The fifth might be preparation. An early arrival, about 20 minutes ahead of the painting start time is helpful, as is premixing. I also liked to check the weather reports earlier in the day to see if there would be any clouds in the area.

These were ideas that I found useful. Others preferred to work on a single panel the whole time, work in a different color palette or a different size. James Gurney was also kind enough to feature my sunsets and my weary face on his blog when he visited the fellowship.

Here are a number of them that I did during the fellowship. A number of these are sequentially from the same night. I will be making these and others available on Etsy soon.

They are up on as of the 21st of November.

Sequence 1

Sequence 2

Sequence 3

The Moon.

Or if the sunset isn't very interesting, sometimes you can turn and paint the moon!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Hudson River Fellowship 2011 Part 4

These are some drawings I did at the Fellowship this last July. Most of these were done over a couple sessions. My intention was to explore the precise details and textures, so I could then have access to them while working in the studio.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Work in Progress: porcupine 1

I've always heard the rumors, but I never investigated until recently. BYU's Monte L. Bean Natural History museum does indeed lend out a selection of their collection. This is a close up of the porcupine I'm painting, that I checked out from there earlier this week. I only have two weeks with the animals I borrowed. So I will be curious to see how this painting works out.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Springville Museum of Art Spiritual and Religious Show

I sent my painting "For Our God Is A Consuming Fire, Hebrews 12:29" to the Spingville Museum of Art for their 26th Annual Spiritual And Religious Art Show. The preview was last night and I was given an Award of Merit. My piece was particularly mentioned in the pamphlet for the show.

The show is up until the 27th of December. There a large number of notable pieces that will make your visit worthwhile and uplifting.

Nov. 6 Update: The Deseret News reviewed the show in their Sunday Edition.  Click here to read. I'm mentioned at the end of the first page.

The San Rafael Swell and Etsy

The San Rafael Swell of Utah is a large desert region south of Price, east of Castle Dale, and north of Moab. It is a sandy open area, spotted with wind-carved canyons. There are no amenities there. And that remoteness is part of what it makes the region so attractive. I went down there last weekend to do some studies and these were some of the results.

I have also decided to make these small works on paper available through Etsy. Payment is accepted via PayPal. Though these plein air works are different than my regular studio practice, they are an important part of the work I do. Working from life and on location feeds my imagination. The paper is sealed with shellac, which is a delightful surface to work on. When the paintings are purchased, they will be appended to foam core board to give them a firm foundation. Other works will be gradually listed as time and interest allow.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Hudson River Fellowship 2011 Part 3

A few more plein air sketches from this year's Hudson River Fellowship. The first image is from Elka Park. The second is from the top of Hunter Mountain. The ski resort maintains their lift in the summer and they invited us to use their lift for free during the fellowship. A number of us went up the last day to paint. As it turns out the view is pretty incredible. The final image is below the bridge at Platte Clove. A pine tree has happy placed itself between a rock and a ... rock.

All three are painted on prepared paper with oils.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Hudson River Fellowship 2011 Part 1

Here are some studies from this year's Hudson River Fellowship centered in Hunter, New York in the Catskills.  This year I primarily divided my time between Platte Clove and Elka Park.  I'll share a few pictures at a time over the next couple of weeks. My primary purpose this year was to find general textures, details and scenes that can have broad application in whatever compositions I decide to pursue

Here are some close up texture and plant studies, these were all done in a small area in Elka Park in single sessions. They are all done in oil on prepared Canson Canva paper.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hudson River Fellowship 2011

I was accepted to this year's Hudson River Fellowship centered in Hunter, NY in the Catskills. The fellowship runs from the 5th of July until the 31st and is organized by Jacob Collins and other founders of the Grand Central Academy.  I participated once before in 2009, between my two years at the New York Academy of Art, and found it to be a fantastic complement to the experiences I had there.  I anticipate a similarly fantastic group of talented, dedicated, and hardworking artists that I had the fortune of working among in 2009.

This time around I have clearer idea of how I will spend my time and I hope to be able to share my experiences there with those of you that follow or subsequently happen upon this blog.

Here are a couple drawings I did back in 2009. They are currently on view at Medialia Gallery in NYC.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Animal Sketches April 30 Part 2

Gorilla gestures and friends. Just when you think these guys are sitting still, they up and run off to the other side of the room.