Saturday, October 29, 2011

The San Rafael Swell and Etsy

The San Rafael Swell of Utah is a large desert region south of Price, east of Castle Dale, and north of Moab. It is a sandy open area, spotted with wind-carved canyons. There are no amenities there. And that remoteness is part of what it makes the region so attractive. I went down there last weekend to do some studies and these were some of the results.

I have also decided to make these small works on paper available through Etsy. Payment is accepted via PayPal. Though these plein air works are different than my regular studio practice, they are an important part of the work I do. Working from life and on location feeds my imagination. The paper is sealed with shellac, which is a delightful surface to work on. When the paintings are purchased, they will be appended to foam core board to give them a firm foundation. Other works will be gradually listed as time and interest allow.

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  1. Some great stuff going on here Peter, keep it up!